PORTAL is an art therapy that helps you connect with yourself, get rid of your negative emotions or help you manifest your wishes.


The concept operating on people: 

  • The spirals make people to feel attracted in the painting, like in a tunnel. They focuse on this geometric forms, on the colors and they will feel in a different state, more receptive, opening a door (The Portal).

  • The music is choosen to enable people to make their feeling rise up.

  • The representation of the four natural elements they just saw is present obviously in their reflexion when they focuse on spiral.

  • The questions are choosen to interfer with people, asking them how they feel in front of usual representation of these elements. It makes people do a direct connection beetween what they see and their own experience of life, making them more concerned  and involved in the concept.

  • By using different senses and situations, they will feel the connection between their true nature and the nature around.

  • By being able to paint their own choice of forms and colors at the end, on a canvas, they will express their emotions and choose beetween love and fear. 

Facultative options: 

  •  The concept can be mixed with sciences (vibrations, electricity, magnetism, other) showing the state of art of this scientific topic at this moment, to make a logical connection with prooved « hard science ».

  • The concept can be mixed with other forms of art, like sculpture or photography to enhance the understanding of the subject.

  • The concept can use different perfumes or taste, also, to enhance the impact of the exhibition on the body of people.

  • Other artists or scientist can be inivited to make products and creations shown during the exhibition.

  • All the  paintings of participants could be shown in a new exhibition, expressing the difference beetween people but also the unicity of humans.

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 Innovative, Creative, Accelerator 


 Finder, Starter, Organizer 


 Doer, Strategist and Planner


 Transformer, Transporter, Convener 


Her dream was to study drawing in Lorenzo Di Medici in Firenze but Anca felt that the society was not ready to encourage artists back then she decided to study Business Management and master’s in business Negotiations in Media Pro University and to work in real- estates and sales in banks.
After six years, Anca decided to come back to arts, so she took everything she had and went to study in Barcelona - Spain at the Institute of Design, Accessories design and then, after she fall in love with leather started to study in the same institution Leather Design and Leather School in Santa Croce - Florence -Italy. Still she always painted during this time, and although her focus was to create bags, her first love is and remained painting.

— Submitted by Renaissance Art Gallery




Portal- Immersive Art Experience is a concept that makes you connect with your self using the 5 elements of nature: AIR, EARTH, FIRE, WATER and MAGNETISM. 

The goal is to make people connect with their emotions, understand their feelings and share their love with others. We all have feelings no matter of the nationality or culture, we all need to share our joy and life with others.

Emotions are a very important element in our life. Love and emotions are our guide in taking decisions.

Portal is a concept with different experiences, each of them is different: 

Portal Immersive Art Experience is a series of creative art exhibitions. 

Portal Immersive Art Experience is using different instruments : paintings, natural art installations, music design, video, plasmatic science and other to make you connect with your true nature and express your creativity.

Portal is a gate and a tool to make people understand what are the elements from nature that brings balance in your life.

How everything started: 

The artist dreamed about this concept for one year, she had a revelation when she practice art history, meditation and channeling with art at Alex & Alison Grey in New York about the connection of alchemy. 

She remember the skills that her father teached her as a boat architect and musician and her mother as an alchemist, a chimist working in a lab for 35 years that knows about the healing powers of plants and stones, where to find crystals in the forest and their properties.

She put together all the knowledge and also other skilled people to create Portal.

Art therapy is a portal to express your feelings freely on a canvas by using colours.

Portal Teambuilding is a creative tool to connect a team.

The components of the concept are the following ones:

  • Paintings that shows spirals of different colors. Each painting represent an element (in the sens of Empedocle’s elements).

  • Five elements are used also : air, earth, water, fire, magnetism. 

  • The four elements of Empedocle are shown physicaly by using at least one of the five sens. 

  • The fifth element is choosen to be magnetism, demonstrated by using magnet and iron fillings. Other physical system could be used as long as they show very directly the properties of magnetism.

  • Some questions, writing on a animated support.

  • A canvas that can be used by participants.

  • Sources of music.

The connection beetween components: 

  • The four elements of Empedocle can be symbolized by 4 kinds of triangles. Each different ones take place at the feet of the element itself and at the feet of the paintings that are supposed to represent this element. 

  • A writting on a support is at the entrance, explaining the purpose of the concept and the theory around the different elements.

  • An animated writting on a other support (paper, tv, …) make them connect the exhibition with their own life experience.

  • The possibility for participants to paint on a canva dedicated to that, will make them synthetized all their feelings during the exhibition and reflexions through this expression. It s the final connection beetween everything.



Anca Irina Lefter is a complex artist: a painter, an art designer focused on conceptual bag design with the signature AIL and a designer of accessories in leather and stage costumes under signature collection Ch2 Vinyls, specially created for artists David Guetta, Tara McDonald, Bill Patrick, Luciano.
Anca was born in Tulcea Danube- Delta in a family of artists. Her first painting lesson was when she was 2 years old in Children's Palace in Tulcea with Master Vlahos as a teacher. When she was 15, she decided to move alone to Bucharest Romania to study mural arts in Tonitza High School- Art School- in Bucharest.