PORTAL is an art therapy that helps you connect with yourself, get rid of your negative emotions or help you manifest your wishes.



Portal- Immersive Art Experience is a concept that makes you connect with your self using the 5 elements of nature: AIR, EARTH, FIRE, WATER and MAGNETISM. 

The goal is to make people connect with their emotions, understand their feelings and share their love with others. We all have feelings no matter of the nationality or culture, we all need to share our joy and life with others.

Emotions are a very important element in our life. Love and emotions are our guide in taking decisions.

Portal is a concept with different experiences, each of them is different: 

Portal Immersive Art Experience is a series of creative art exhibitions. 

Portal Immersive Art Experience is using different instruments : paintings, natural art installations, music design, video, plasmatic science and other to make you connect with your true nature and express your creativity.

Portal is a gate and a tool to make people understand what are the elements from nature that brings balance in your life.

Art therapy is a portal to express your feelings freely on a canvas by using colours.

Portal Teambuilding is a creative tool to connect a team.

You can find more info on the PORTAL in this article of November issue of OZB Magazine: http://bit.ly/MAGAZINE-OZB


 Innovative, Creative, Accelerator 


 Finder, Starter, Organizer 


 Doer, Strategist and Planner


 Transformer, Transporter, Convener 




Anca Irina Lefter is a complex artist: a painter, an art designer focused on conceptual bag design with the signature AIL and a designer of accessories in leather and stage costumes under signature collection Ch2 Vinyls, specially created for artists David Guetta, Tara McDonald, Bill Patrick, Luciano.
Anca was born in Tulcea Danube- Delta in a family of artists. Her first painting lesson was when she was 2 years old in Children's Palace in Tulcea with Master Vlahos as a teacher. When she was 15, she decided to move alone to Bucharest Romania to study mural arts in Tonitza High School- Art School- in Bucharest.
Her dream was to study drawing in Lorenzo Di Medici in Firenze but Anca felt that the society was not ready to encourage artists back then she decided to study Business Management and master’s in business Negotiations in Media Pro University and to work in real- estates and sales in banks.
After six years, Anca decided to come back to arts, so she took everything she had and went to study in Barcelona - Spain at the Institute of Design, Accessories design and then, after she fall in love with leather started to study in the same institution Leather Design and Leather School in Santa Croce - Florence -Italy. Still she always painted during this time, and although her focus was to create bags, her first love is and remained painting.

— Submitted by Renaissance Art Gallery



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Strada Drumea Rădulescu 19, București



Strada Drumea Rădulescu 19, București




Renaissance Art  Gallery CALEA CALARASI 165 - SECTOR 3 

Renaissance Art  Gallery CALEA CALARASI 165 - SECTOR 3 

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