Be open to yourself
and to your feelings!

with artist Anca Irina Lefter

We will use color, paint and our imagination to express our feelings on canvas. (No experience needed!)

Anca uses PORTAL as an art therapy that lets your imagination play with colors and helps you connect with yourself, get rid of your negative emotions or help you manifest your wishes, the purpose being to make you feel better and to extend your consciousness.


There are no prerequisites for this course. No painting skills required, as this course is for anyone interested in exploring creativity by painting and wellness and it is for anybody that wants to be opened to his/her feelings!

· Seats are limited.

· Schedule: First 30 min we meditate to connect to our true inner self by using colors, we transfer our feelings on paper and we set a goal.

· Location details are in the registration email; Guests are welcome.


It is a playground where you can express everything you want for yourself, relax, enjoy and feel. Each day there is a different feeling for all humans and we will use this art therapy to release your tensions and to manifest your intentions by expressing your feelings on a canvas using colors. You will learn the basics of colors and different techniques that will help release your negative emotions, focus on your dreams and express your feeling on paper.



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Price:35 euro /person ( group ) -10 min.

Group sessions :300 euros

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