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PORTAL represents 5 elements of nature: AIR, EARTH, FIRE, WATER and MAGNETISM. Portal is a gate to make people come back to nature and to their true nature. Enjoy! Just Feel! 
A unicity and novelty of the Artist work is that she used on her works the house paint Benjamin Moore to which she added a Nano plasmatic technology
from Plasma Romania, the visitors being able to feel the energy of the plasma while entering the PORTAL.

The concept is a dynamic one: “10 paintings that shows spirals of different colors and that were made using acryl & Benjamin Moore paints on canvas were used to build 5 portals representing: air, earth, fire, water and magnetism. Each portal has 2 dedicated paintings facing each other, an installation and dedicated music created to enable people to make their feeling rise up. An animated writing on a TV support made the observers to connect the exhibition to their own life experience. Messages like “How do you feel when you breath in the fresh mountain air” OR “How do you feel when you are close to a camp fire” appeared on a big TV screen during the first exhibition PORTAL. Also, the participants were encouraged to paint on a dedicated canvas using Benjamin Moore paint in order to make them synthetized all their feelings during the exhibition and reflections through this expression. It is the final connection between everything. When the series of PORTAL exhibition will end an exhibition will all the painting created at each show by our guests will be organized “– says Anca Irina Lefter 
Asking Anca Irina Lefter why she chose to paint spirals she answered:
“The spirals make people to feel attracted in the painting, like in a tunnel. They focus on these geometric forms, on the colors and they will feel in a different state, more receptive, opening a door (The Portal).”



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PORTAL 2 - Feminine Cycle

Bleed like a woman...

Full moon, full circle... take the power back.

In the summer of 2019, Anca Irina Lefter premiered the FEMININE CYCLE concept. This is the second series of PORTAL ART EXPERIENCE - FEMININE CYCLE- launched as a group exhibition of 7 artists (F7) entitled “ La vie en.....pink” at The Peasant Museum, Bucharest on 4th of July 2019.

AIL created the FEMININE CYCLE concept with the wish of breaking the taboo and changing the perception about the menstruation cycle and to flip from SHAME to NORMALITY.

The word "menstruation" is etymologically related to "moon". The different phases of the menstrual cycle correlate with women's moods. Just like women are a reflection of the moon, the menstrual cycle reflects the passing of 4 seasons, 4 states, 4 moods.

That's why the average menstrual cycle lasts 28 days separated in 4 weeks. In ancient cultures, each week represents and influences the mood of the woman. 

Behavior towards potential mating partners changes during different phases of the menstrual cycle.

It is said that a woman is strongest, energetically speaking, during her menstrual cycle - and science has proven that during this time, stem cells are present in the menstrual blood.

The center piece of the project is the Feminine Cycle skirt decorated with tampons painted in red - a statement not only of fashion and appearance, but of a deeper meaning correlated to this very natural monthly "ritual" of womanhood.

In early August 2019, AIL organized a photo shoot with famed Romanian fashion photographer Ciprian Strugariu and singer-songwriter NAVI as a model, wearing the Feminine Cycle skirt. 

NAVI is known in Romania as an eccentric singer and a strong personality, having debuted in 2014 with the controversial "Picture Perfect" music video - and her openness to taboo subjects in art made her a perfect choice for this project.



"Wearing the skirt, I was rewinding everything I've been taught, that the menstrual cycle is something shameful, dirty, like a monthly sickness we women have to bear, like a punishment almost. How we are regarded differently in "that time of the month", how men especially avoid talking about it like it's something disgusting, a natural catastrophe... how all of our attitude is sometimes dismissed as "she's on her period" and how we whisper when we buy tampons from the pharmacy. It's as normal as breathing, sweating, coughing, whatever. It's just something our body does naturally. It completes a cycle and, even if it only happens to women and it's a singular female experience, it should be brought out of the shame and into the normal", says NAVI.

Anca Irina Lefter also created two paintings under the same theme, called Orgasmic Splash and Feminine Cycle, which are currently exhibited at the Renaissance Art Gallery in Bucharest https://www.artsy.net/show/renaissance-art-gallery-portal-feminine-cycle.

Feminine Cycle skirt & styling:

Anca Irina Lefter https://www.portalartexperience.com


Ciprian Strugariu





Makeup & hairstyle:

Elena Panait




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